Memorial Day in Colorado’s Mountains: Bikes + Food + Hike

aspen on Meadow Creek Trail in Frisco, Colorado

Memorial Day can be a crapshoot in Colorado’s high country, but 2012 brought blue skies and dry trails.

Merriam-Webster online defines crapshoot as “something that has an unpredictable outcome”. Planning outdoor adventures in Colorado’s high county over the Memorial Day weekend is typically just such a venture.

In 2012 however, early snowmelt triggered by early warm temperatures set the stage for a fabulous weekend.


Colorado's Lowry Campground by bike

We started the holiday weekend with an overnight gear test. Fortunate enough to live just a few miles from USFS campgrounds, we set out around 5:30 p.m. Site 12 at Colorado’s Lowry Campground is just perfect for tents and a little privacy in this popular spot.


Lowry Campground at sunset in Summit County, Colorado

Lowry Campground at sunset: An Instagram filter over my lacking photography made this shot considerably more bearable. I love that this is my backyard.


heading home from Lowry Campground in Summit County, Colorado

A simple overnight allowed us to trail-test recipes, a new sleeping bag/liner and new panniers. We’ll do a whole separate post on the importance of testing gear.

homemade rosemary bread

We returned home early Saturday morning to walk the dog. After? I harvested rosemary from my new indoor garden to make fresh bread.


bike tools on our living room floor

A quick study uncovered that my squishy front brakes required a full changeout of cable and housing. It’s great living with a bike mechanic; we were on the trail shortly after the discovery + repair.


Middle Flume Trail in Brecknridge, Colorado

Sunday, we set out on a long bike ride from home. Between trails, dirt road and a bit of pavement, we can circle the county on mountain bikes. This was taken on the Middle Flume Trail, one of several that I use on my mountain bike commute from Breckenridge to Dillon. Read more about the flumes trails here:


post ride waffles

Thirty-plus miles later … after a full day of pedaling (and bacon cheeseburgers on homemade rosemary bread), we slept and then woke Monday with raging appetites. Waffles are always a good solution.


aspens on the Meadow Creek Trail near Frisco, Colorado

Monday brought spring cleaning and spring hiking — the Meadow Creek trail, to be exact. It’s one of several ways to access Lily Pad Lake.


Lily Pad Lake near Frisco, Colorado

A great way to close out the three-day weekend: Lily Dog lounges at Lily Pad Lake near Frisco, Colorado.