Denver Veloswap 2009: A Vendor Recap of the 20th Anniversary

We had a HEAP of excess bike gear that had gone untouched, taking up space in the closet for some two years. What’s a pair of Colorado bike enthusiasts to do? Sell it at all Veloswap, reported by some to be the world’s largest consumer bicycle expo.

Some cool facts from

  • Attendees withdraw some $175,000 annually in cash from the on-site ATMs
  • Fire marshals have previously threatened to stop entry to the event, due to nearing max capacity of the roughly 140,000-square-foot venue
  • The event expects around 12,000 attendees annually. And at $6-$8 a head … somebody’s making some major cash (though I’m sure the location fee for the National Western Complex isn’t cheap)

We sat at our booth all day, so I can’t attest to the exhibits and clinics and etc. But after all the fuss about eco-friendliess and recycling, I was surprised to see what appeared to be Vitamin Cottage reps handing out plastic bags en-masse.

Anyhow, the day proved profitable, we saw some super-cool vintage bikes and though we couldn’t convince anyone to buy the dirt jumper, we inadvertently managed to sell a size medium skinsuit to a size large guy. I suppose on Monday, bike shops were full of folks looking to put their brand new, “I-got-this-killer-deal” derailleur onto a bike on which it wouldn’t fit.

My goal starting the day: practice tunnel vision; don’t come home with more stuff than we brought. Overall, mission accomplished.