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GSI Pinnacle Dualist cookset in action

Stuff I Love Review: GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cookset

As an expert car camper, my cookset has always been a motley mix of scouting-style metal pots, Tokyo Joe’s takeout containers and whatever utensils I robbed from the kitchen drawer (or the closest Wendy’s). Preparing for a two-week bike tour, I knew we’d have to find something more compact.

Stuff I Love Review: Yaktrax Pro

As spring nears and Summit County, Colorado gets hit with 50-degree days, those 300+ inches of snow we’ve seen so far this season begin to melt. With the piles of snow that line the sidewalks and, in places, tower above our heads, that melt doesn’t always have a clear path …

Stuff I Love Review: Columbia Omni-Heat

So we’ve heard a lot about Omni-Heat lately. At least I have. And it looks like their marketing is working, because the technology even made the Today Show. The nice part is that the jacket I have lives up to the talk. After a pretty warm (mid-upper 30s) December, Summit …