Camp Recipes

We created these recipes specifically for making on one of a backpacking stove’s two settings – off or boil. Additionally, no simmering means no wasted gas. Be sure to check back as we add more recipes, camp kitchen tips and dehydrator advice.

Because of dietary restrictions in our camp kitchen, all our recipes are lactose free and many are gluten free. Those restrictions also mean very limited spices and few vegetables. But, with a little creativity, the result is a variety of meals made with a few simple ingredients. These are a few of our favorites.

Camp Recipe: Simple Asian-Style Chicken and Rice Soup

Measuring isn’t necessary – soups are simply cooking any extra ingredients (or a small amount robbed from the dinner cache) with water and bouillon to taste. They’re also a no-mess method of incorporating fresh meat and vegetables when available. Hydration is a bonus.

Camp Recipe: Breakfast Rice Pudding

This makes a warm, filling meal anytime, but if you’re backpacking or bikepacking, eat first, then boil water for your coffee or tea in the cooking pot – you’ll rinse out the pot and your cup, making for easy clean-up.