A new focus for Colorado Summit Life

A new focus for ColoradoSummitLife.com

A new focus for ColoradoSummitLife.com

It seems dramatic, but I’ve been dazzled. A recent trip to Barbados re-lit my fire for travel. The heat never died, but a little breeze was all it took to fan coals into major flames. I get to write at work (awesome), but I suppose I’m inspired to start writing a bit more. With that, I’ve tweaked the focus here from “trying to get a job experiment” to a bit more of a personal blog about life in Summit County, Colorado.

I cook, I ride bicycles and I love exploring my own backyard, sans car; however, I still love to travel, and like many locals, look forward to spending mud season (spring) in warm locales. My breakfast photos will include useful recipes. And my bike images will include trail markers. Still, I’m going the way of unabashed first person.